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Zhangjiagang Fengsu Cosmetic Packaging CO.,LTD was established in 2014, the company is located on the south bank of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, Which nearby Shanghai port and Ningbo port.we are 18 Cream Pump manufacturer. Specialized in the R&D and production of professional personal care products, and cosmetics for cleaning and skincare such as spray pumps, cream pumps, and lotion pumps, Fengsu has been continuously improving its products in its niche and has built outstanding business strength.The company is market-oriented, and it gives high priority to product development and strict production to meet the needs of OEM and ODM customers at home and abroad. So far, the company has formed a complete industrial chain covering product development, automatic injection molding, automatic inspection, and automatic assembly. It has obtained ISO9001 certificate and ISO14001 certificate, and has emerged as a stable and ideal cosmetic packaging products supplier for purchasers.

18 Cream Pump Industry Knowledge Extension

What are the characteristics of 18 Cream Pump?

As the name suggests, an 18-cream pump is a device typically used to dispense creams or other similar products. The "18" in the name may refer to the diameter of the pump mechanism in millimeters, but this can vary between manufacturers.

Here are some common characteristics of an 18-cream pump:

Dispensing mechanism: An 18-cream pump typically has a spring-loaded plunger that is depressed to dispense the product. The amount of product dispensed can usually be adjusted by turning the collar of the pump.

Size: An 18-cream pump is typically compact in size and designed to fit onto standard-sized cosmetic containers.

Material: The pump mechanism and the collar of an 18-cream pump are typically made from plastic, although other materials such as stainless steel or aluminum may also be used.

Locking mechanism: Many 18 cream pumps have a locking mechanism that allows the pump to be locked in the "off" position to prevent the product from being dispensed accidentally.

Seal: An 18-cream pump typically has a gasket or seal to prevent the product from leaking from the container.

It's important to note that these characteristics can vary depending on the specific 18-cream pump model and the manufacturer.

What are the advantages of 18 Cream Pump?

Here are some of the advantages of using an 18-cream pump:

Accurate dispensing: An 18-cream pump allows for precise and consistent dispensing of the product, making it easier to control the amount used.

Hygiene: An 18-cream pump helps to minimize the amount of contact between the product and the user's hands, which can help to maintain the product's hygiene and purity.

Ease of use: An 18-cream pump is designed to be easy to use and can be operated with one hand, which is especially convenient when using the product while performing other tasks.

Portability: An 18-cream pump is compact in size and lightweight, making it easy to carry the product with you when you are on the go.

Cost-effective: An 18-cream pump is typically a cost-effective solution for dispensing products as it does not require additional packaging or components.

Long-lasting: With proper care and maintenance, an 18-cream pump can last for a long time and continue to dispense the product effectively.

Versatility: An 18-cream pump can be used with a wide range of products, including creams, lotions, gels, and more, making it a versatile dispensing solution.

It's important to keep in mind that these advantages can vary depending on the specific 18-cream pump model and the manufacturer.